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Masterpiece Soundwave in boxTransformers Masterpiece Soundwave MP-02 is a Toys R Us exclusive released in summer of 2013 by Hasbro. At nearly 3 pounds in weight his is much heftier and thicker than the original G1 toy and comes packaged with a variety of detailed accessories that are as well crafted as Masterpiece Soundwave is.

It has taken 30 years but the technology behind the manufacturing process has finally come to the point where it is possible to mimic not only the functionality but also the visual aesthetics created by the original animation designers like Floro Dery and Shōhei Kohara.

Megatron as the Walther P38.Soundwave's Energon CubeRumble and Frenzy's Pile Drivers

Masterpiece Laserbeak and BuzzsawMasterpiece Rumble and FrenzyBlaster battery combo and scanner

Masterpiece Soundwave MP-02 Box FrontMasterpiece Soundwave MP-02 Box BackSoundwave cassette form with Ravage Rumble and Buzsaw

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