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In this episode of Toys and Cartoons Podcast, John prods James to relive his childhood memories of The Transformers cartoon by Sunbow Entertainment and Marvel Productions and his extensive collections of Hasbro Generation 1 Transformers figures.

We talk about some of our favorite characters and the brilliant voice actors behind them like Peter Cullen and Frank Welker. And we both express our utter distaste for Michael Bay and his callous re-imagining of the 80′s most beloved childhood icons.

We’ll get into the ultra intricate and expensive Masterpiece Transformers figures that are being released by Takara Tomy in Japan and Hasbro in the States. And make sure to catch the “Oprah Moment” that James experiences right before our ears.

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Listen Below to the Toys & Cartoons Podcast Episode 2 РTransformers Masterpiece 

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5 thoughts on “Masterpiece Soundwave Transforms an Old Heart

  1. I love Transformers, and both the toys and cartoons all the way through are amazing. Michael Bay that not so much. I will say that while not every storyline has been great, but still a lot more after G1 to love. The toy line came from 2 lines, mostly Takara Micromasters and DiaClone toys and Bandai also licensed a couple of toys as well after acquiring Takatoku Toys namely Jetfire (Skyfire), Roadbuster, Whirl, Barrage, Chop Shop, Ransack, and Venom. Skywarp was the first Transformer that was brought back to life by Teletran 1. Fun fact Go Bots, the lesser competitor to Transformers were being sold in stores in the USA, licensed from Bandai’s Machine Robo line by Tonka, a full 5 months before Transformers. Starscream is indeed the number 2 under Megatron for military operations. Soundwave is at a similar level but for communications and espionage. Also, Soundwave did snoop on other Decepticons that were possibly treasonous. Shockwave was number 2 in a way as well, chief scientific officer of sorts. Prowl was Optimus Prime’s 2nd in command, with Ironhide being a Lieutenant. This was till Ultra Magnus was on the scene and he took that position, he was also 2nd in command under Rodimus Prime. On Married with Children the organization Al Bundy started was NO’ MA’AM (National Organization of Men Against Amazonian Masterhood). Soundwave was in fact a bit taller than many of the other Decepticons which was always strange since he was a Walkman and the others were jets mostly. The original 4 cassettes were Ravage, Rumble, Laserbeak and Frenzy. What is funny is that he was not packaged originally with Laserbeak but with Buzzsaw, which was a yellow version of Laserbeak. Ravage was in fact a Jaguar, that was sold by Takara as “Micro Cassette Robo Jaguar”. The Masterpiece series of Transformer are really made well and while expensive are well worth it for the true collector. Again, I love toys and cartoons so much, I look forward to more podcasts and I would love to be on someday.

  2. Hi Metalking79,

    You are right about Prowl. I find I often overlook Prowl, and it’s for this one simple reason: I never owned him as a child. Instead, I owned Bluestreak, which was essentially the same toy. I always seemed to pay more attention to those characters I owned (or wanted to own) than those I did not and knew I probably never would.

    As far as Starscream goes, in his own mind he was #1 always! :)

  3. Excellent episode. Looking forward to the next one.
    The robot forms of Ratchet, Ultra Magnus and Megatron were always a disappointment. Never could get Megatron to stand up and Ultra Magnus didn’t move. Although the truck part was great. I never had a Prime, so I would always pretend he was just a white prime without a trailer.

    • Yeah, having a backup Prime, although white, was always nice. Since my original Prime is somewhat broken I would often switch out with his UM counterpart. He looked good with Prime’s trailer as well. UM didn’t move, but I always liked him because he was big and complex, and pretty cool in truck mode.

      And Megatron… what can I say? No, his robot mode never looked like the cool cartoon version, but I love Megatron so much that I forgave it. Also, he’s cute in his own way! Mine did stand, though as I played with him more and he loosened up the balancing act to get him to stand became more precarious. And Megatron’s robot mode was all about that cannon! That big thing on his little arm made it seem even more impressive.

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