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Gravity Falls gnomeNow that Disney has announced that they have green lit a second season for Gravity Falls, fans of the show are asking. Where are all the Gravity Falls Toys? Until now there hasn’t been hide or hair of Dipper, Mable or even the lovable pig Waddles. A quick scan of Toys R Us and Amazon pull up nothing officially licensed. Oh sure you can go to ebay and find a butt load of phony crap like a polyester mesh baseball cap with a blue pine tree on the front or maybe you’d like artificial nails with Mable airbrushed on them each for a mere $14.95.gravity falls toys

But maybe the tide is turning because Subway Restaurants has partnered with Disney in a cross promotion deal. Currently Subway Kids meals come with a cool Gravity Falls bag and sticker, till supplies last, as they say. Which is a pretty cool way to wrap up the 1st season and get the promo ball rolling for the 2nd. I got myself a Mable Bag which included a pack of stick on bedazzle gems (screw you artificial nails, I got bedazzle gems).gravity falls toys

This October 15th Buena Vista Home Entertainment¬†will release a ¬†Disney’s Gravity Falls DVD with 6 episodes, that’s over 2 hours of “supernatural shenanigans”. You can pre-order now at Walmart for $16.99.

I placed calls with the top three toy manufactures, Mattel, Hasbro and Jakks Pacific, each of which currently produce toy lines for Disney. All three deny any knowledge of working on anything related to Gravity Falls toys for this season. Unless Disney opts to go with another smaller manufacturer it seems there will be no plastic Mystery Shack under our tree this Christmas.

So as the folks at Disney Television Animation gear up for a second season it seems an official toy line will probably coincide with it in 2014. With the growing success of Gravity Falls, I have no doubt that Disney will eventually start licensing out the property to various manufactures so get ready for Dipper zippers, Mable tables, and waddles bottles coming to a toy store shelf near next year.

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