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Uncle GrandpaTonight Cartoon Network premiered the long awaited cartoon by Peter Browngardt, Uncle Grandpa. With its rapid fire visuals and bizarre characters Uncle Grandpa dumbfounds us as we all scratch our heads in unison, sit back and say: “What the heck is happening?”

That isn’t such a bad thing in the world of animated cartoons, especially during a new show’s first airing. Think back to the fist time you saw Sponge Bob, The Regular Show or Adventure Time, most of us had that confused expression on our faces too and they have gone on to be three of the most entertainingly original cartoons ever. Will Uncle Grandpa also become stuff of legend? Only time will tell, but the twitter-verse was exploding during the premier with a good deal of praise an even greater deal of disappointment and a lot of WTF was that.

I do enjoy the formula of Uncle Grandpa visiting some youngster with a problem and during his attempt at fixing it he makes it 100% worse forcing the kid to conquer his or her original problem and becoming a better person for it. That works for me and that was pretty much how the first of the 2 episode premier went. The second was more character driven, exploring Uncle Grandpa and his band of traveling companions. I can see how there would lots of room to be creative here, but due to the very nature of the show’s speed and wackiness a viewer could get easily lost. Just as your mind wraps around one visual gag your bombarded with another and another not affording you time to blink.

Ultimately the success of Uncle Grandpa will come down to the writing. All the sight gags and “good mornings” in the world can only go so far. Clever plots will be needed to keep it going over the hump of season one and into a season two.

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