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Uncle GrandpaGood mornin’ Uncle Grandpa. Get ready for your Uncle Grandpa to crash through your door in his magical RV this fall on Cartoon Network. This upcoming animation series created by Peter Browngardt is a surreal nonstop ride with that revolves around the quirky yet lovable character Uncle Grandpa. And yes he is your Uncle and your Grandpa at the same time but not just yours but everyone’s Uncle Grandpa in the whole world! (Wrap your head around that one.)

Each episode has him leaping into some young person’s life to shower them with his eternal wisdom in the most absurd ways possible. It seems Uncle Grandpa has been doing this routine for a long time as most adults seem to know him and address him as their Uncle Grandpa too. Traveling the world in his RV and aided by his friends, a talking fanny pack, Mr. Gus the giant lizard, Pizza Steve the living pizza and occasionally Frankenstein, Uncle Grandpa brightens everyone’s life in a over the top big way.

The character could be considered a colossal mash up of Santa Claus’ timelessness and recognition meets Sponge Bob Square Pants’ exuberance and innocence meetsTex Avery’s absurd surrealism run-a-muck!

Originally pitched in 2008 the show garnered much praise and even was nominated for an Emmy but went through years of on and off  hiatus until it was finally green-lit for production.

Uncle Grandpa is a super optimistic magical man who can really do anything.” said Pete Browngardt during an interview at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. We’ll we’re all looking forward to Uncle Grandpa buzzing over head on his Giant Realistic Flying Tiger as he calls out to us all, “Good Mornin’!”

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