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beware the batman magpieSo we all have heard that the rouges gallery in Beware the Batman will be a lot less traditional than other past iterations. As we are reintroduced to Anarky as Batman’s new arch-nemesis, we also get to see some lesser characters take center stage. Enter the Magpie.

Margaret Pye, the original compulsive criminal who just can’t resist a shiny bauble has gone through some changes throughout the years. From the curator of the Gotham Museum of Antiquities to the bizarre wigged weirdo that murders anyone who gets in the way of her “pretty things.” Well poor old Margret got her dreams smashed by Superman and Batman and spent her time in jail trading sex for shiny things. Well a birds gotta fly and Magpie escaped only to be found murdered a year latter, tisk tisk. As if that weren’t bad enough, her corpse is reanimated and is given a Black Lantern Ring making zombie Magpie a Black Lantern.

Magpie in the new Beware the Batman, aka Margret Sorrow, gets a retooling. Though bothbeware the batman magpie Pye and Sorrow could have taken pages from Lady Gaga’s fashion stylist, they also have some major differences. Being a kleptomaniac at heart made her an interesting patient when she was at the Black Gate Prison for some painful corrective treatments. Though she showed great promise with her new personality, Cassie, old habits die hard and Magpie emerged with revenge in her heart.

Beware the Batman magpieThe new Magpie is just as crazy as the first for pretty stuff but she got some things up her sleeve for the new Batman to deal with. Like the fact that shes incredibly fast, flexible and agile. Fast enough to keep up with Batman in hand-to-hand combat. She also has some cheats too, like retractable razor nails that are about 10 inches long. Oh and if that wasn’t enough she’s impervious to pain.

Though both Magpies like to wear wigs, exaggerated makeup and sexy boots it’s pretty obvious that this new bird will win over fanboys with her high kicks and kick ass fighting skills. Look out as these lesser know rouges take their turn at the The Batman.

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