Meet the Toys and Cartoons Hosts

John PioJohn Pio was born in 1970 and is the quintessential child of the 80′s. Growing up during the golden age of Saturday morning cartoons and the birth of the video game industry, he claims to have had one of the best childhoods a kid could have. – even though his TV was a black and white set with bent rabbit ears and he never mastered the 360 spin-out on his Big Wheel.
Some of his all time favorites toys and cartoons of his youth are: Colorforms playsets, Coleco Mini-Arcade and Bigtrak. Tom & Jerry, Battle of the Planets, Popeye, Thundarr the Barbarian, Inspector Gadget and Dungeons & Dragons.
In addition to, John maintains the retro gaming website and Twitter: @ToysAndCartoons

Mamecadette ThumbColleen, the original Mamecadette, brings a her own take on the cartoons we all know and love from the female perspective. Having grown up on a steady stream of Looney Tunes she sought employment at the Acme Corporation of Walla Walla Washington but was declined due to her over qualifications. She now is resigned to owning and operating her own business, the Sugar Sweet Boutique, a clothing and accessory store based out of New York.
Some of her favorite toys and cartoons are: Cabbage Patch Kids, Barbie and Tonka Trucks. Bugs Bunny, The Pink Panther, ThunderCats, Jem, and He-Man. Twitter: @Mamecadette

JamesJames spent most of the 1980′s in front of a television. When The Transformers was on, you better not step between him and his TV screen. Some of his other favorite cartoons were The Smurfs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and The Real Ghostbusters.
Being a huge Transformers fan, he also avidly collected as many of the toys as possible. He still holds a grudge against someone who accidentally broke his Scrapper Transformer toy almost 30 years ago. And if you try to say anything positive about Michael Bay’s version of The Transformers, be prepared for a long, long, argument. Twitter: @jamesd1976

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This Site’s Goal: Toys and Cartoons are two of the most integral parts of the modern childhood. Throughout the years there have been Toys we’ve ridden on or used to defend pillow forts on our beds, cartoon clowns we’ve laughed with and animated heroes we’ve emulated. Toy and Cartoons have always been there for kids. aspires to discuss the history, social impact, memories and the joy that they’ve given us gowning up.